Which Bowls Should I Buy?

There are many things to consider when choosing a set of bowls, whether you are a new bowler or an experienced bowler.

Nowadays, in general, bowlers don't have a set of bowls for indoors and a different set for outdoors, they use the same ones all year round.


Some Important Things to Consider


To achieve a smooth delivery it is very important to have the correct size of bowl for your hand and for it to feel comfortable in your hand. 

The size you choose will also depend on the way that you hold your bowl.

As a general guide for the 'gripping' player you should be able to place your thumbs and two middle fingers around the circumference of the bowl with them just touching.

For the 'cupping' player you may be able to use a slightly larger size. 



Bowls are designed to travel in a curved path by being shaped with one side heavier than the other - - this is called the 'bias'.

A large bias bowl will travel in a wide curve whereas a narrow bias bowl will travel in a much straighter line. 

The choice may be decided by personal preference of how you like to deliver your bowl or may be decided by which position you are intending to play.

For example, a 'lead' may prefer a straighter bowl than a 'skip' who has to be able to bowl further out to get around other bowls.



This is entirely down to personal choice.

 There is a whole range of different colours available but remember that coloured bowls are more expensive than the traditional black bowls.



 Playing Position

 Make/Model of Bowl

 Lead or No 2 (Indoor or Outdoor) 

Aero Defiance

Aero Profile 

Almark Arrow

Drakes Pride Advantage

Drakes Pride Finline

Henselite Tiger II 

Taylor Lazer

Taylor Vector

Taylor Vector VS 

 All Positions (Indoor or Outdoor)

Aero Quantum

Aero Groove 

Almark Sterling Slimline

Drakes Pride Professional 

Henselite Classic II

Henselite Tiger

Henselite Tiger Pro

Taylor Ace

Taylor International  

 All Positions (Outdoor)

Aero Sonic

Aero Maxim 

Almark Sterling Gold

Drakes Pride Jazz

Henselite Classic

Taylor Legacy SL

Taylor Lignoid 


We hope this information is of help to you but don't forget - the choice is yours.



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